Production of perfect pasta of an Italian restaurant

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Some may be surprised to learn how many basic fish there are in the Italian diet, whether
it’s fresh from the sea or canned in oil such as sardines. Cured meat is also abundant.
Italians are big fans of preservation, they switch pork to sausage and salami, olives into
extra virgin olive oil, grapes for wine and vegetables for pickled vegetables. They firmly
believe in dedicating time when you try to make pleasures last. Do you have cod and lots of
salt? Make salted cod. “Traditional Italian flavors are so intense that it doesn’t take much. A
modest amount will help a lot,” bastianich says.
Meet the ever-popular starches used as a vehicle for other flavors – from Arborio rice, which
makes creamy risotto – to fettuccine, tortellini and ziti. When preparing Italian cuisine at
home, you can afford a jump on the best pasta. That, of course, if you don’t feel ambitious
and don’t want to create your own.
It’s much easier to make noodles than you think. Although there are many
sophisticated devices – gnocchi boards, crank extruders and cavatelli machines.

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