Acrylic paints are indicated for protection and decoration of plaster, concrete, plaster, acrylic putty, spackle, textures and fiber cement surfaces.

Premium and standard types are suitable for outdoor and indoor environments and
economical for indoor environments only. It is also important to highlight that there
are specific paints for floors, roofs, wood and metals. Premium paints are more
expensive, but have greater added value, optimize working time, last longer than
other types of paint for the home and provide more coverage. So, if you want the
job to be done faster and the lifetime of the painting to be longer (in years), the
suggestion is to invest in this type. Meanwhile, standard inks have a lower
resistance because, despite having the same indication, it has less durability.
Paiting house lincoln
And the economical paint is only recommended for the interior because it has no
properties for external exposure, in addition to its durability being shorter than the
others and usually needing a greater number of coats to finish the painting. When
deciding the type of paint that will be purchased, also choose the paint brand and
buy all the products that will be used in the painting process of this same brand,
eliminating the risk of incompatibility of the products.

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