Conservation of Mechanical Elements

In the case of mechanical protections, they are basically classified into three distinct categories, such as drip and splash proof motors, fully enclosed and explosion proof motors. In the case of drip and splash-proof machines, all rotating or tensioning parts are protected against dripping water from all possible directions, preventing the direct or indirect alemite 4035 entry of droplets or particles of liquids or solid objects if spilled or placed on the engine. And the third category which presents the engine totally closed, so closed that there is no possibility of changing the refrigerant medium between the exterior and the interior of the engine.

Therefore, the main purpose of the motor housing is to secure it to the workplace where it will operate, and also to protect it, according to the environment in which it will be installed. It should be emphasized that electric motors need to be properly protected and preserved, both for the protection of the persons responsible for their operation, as well as against harmful influences from the external environment to the motor itself, needing to meet all safety requirements, prevention of accidents and fires.

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