Home paints: painting and trend

House painting winchester Infinity Pro
It is important to remember that, even if these wall paint colors are trends in the composition
of environments, you should not ignore your personal style. Feeling good in your home and
creating a space with your identity should go beyond any fad. Think more like an inspiration!
For those looking for a neutral tone with something more, hazelnut is a great option
Very inviting and ideal for indoor environments, the hazelnut tint comprises pastel brown wall
paints, those lighter and drawn to grayish. It brings a feeling of comfort and manages to
harmonize easily with the decor – furniture, lamps, pillows, etc.
Hazel tones can also be used to improve the brightness of the environment, as they capture
more light and feel more spacious. Depending on the nuance chosen, it is even possible to
create the effect that the room is larger than in reality.
Dark blue
Elegant and super current, blue is always a good bet for painting the walls
The painting in shades of blue is super hot and brings a more up-to-date look to the house. The
color spectrum is wide, so think of the room as a whole (walls and objects that will be part of
it) to, with the help of colors, open up the space and not close it – giving the impression that
the environment is smaller and darker .
For the interior of the house, it is worth betting on the softer tones to gain longevity with the
painting and highlight its decorative items

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