These are very important questions to consider when researching a restaurant program .

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Do a thorough research and some comparisons before making the decision.
Now that you know how to choose a restaurant program, write in the comments what
your main concern was when choosing a restaurant program.
Wooden floors, industrial lighting, high ceilings, ambient music:
these are some of the characteristics of modern
restaurants. Interestingly, decoration is one of the factors that
can most influence the acoustics of spaces. More modern
restaurants that tend to move away from soft materials such as
carpets, rugs and pillows have less sound absorption, making
communication more difficult.
That is why, nowadays, restaurants are increasingly noisy, and it
is often difficult for customers to have a conversation.
A North American study measured noise levels in fifty restaurants
in five different cities and with different concepts during peak rush
hour on Saturday night. The three restaurants where the highest
noise levels were recorded “accused” levels higher than what the
ear experiences with an ambulance siren (120 dB).
Although the average noise levels in the five restaurants are
around 80 dB, the highest noise level recorded in each of the fifty
restaurants was always above the 85 dB that the World Health

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