Command Devices

In certain uses there is a need for rapid deceleration of the engine and the load. In order to disconnect the motor from the power supply line, a rotation reversing device with the motor still running is used, and the shutdown or shutdown of the mains motor is done through a relay that prevents it from starting in the opposite direction. In the case of synchronous motors we use dynamic braking.

It is very important to know the main control and protection devices of electrical circuits as well as the main electronic methods of driving electric machines hubbell wiring ru270w, since in any electrical system from the industrial, building or residential sectors, from the simplest to the most complex production system , there is some kind of machine or equipment being activated by some means, through an engine, being the most used form of obtaining mechanical energy.

The main control functions of an electric motor are starting, stopping, direction of rotation, speed regulation, limiting of starting current, mechanical protection, electrical protection, etc. An electric motor will only begin to rotate when the load moment to be overcome when it is stopped is smaller than its starting torque.

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