Maintain engine life

We can see that the engine parts interfere with each other, affecting the final engine temperature and consequently the reliability of the system, such as the bearings that are affected by the stator coil temperature. Factors that reduce engine life due to natural aging, wear and tear, environment, loading and operation outside nominal conditions should also be evaluated.

The effects of transport, unbalance of applied voltage, dust, moisture, acidity, abrasiveness and temperature change the rated life of the motor, Hubbell RF151DTR where a procedure must be applied to minimize these factors, such as preventive or corrective maintenance, scheduled and in compliance with productive process.


When it is impossible to eliminate a certain factor, it is necessary to act on other factors simultaneously, in order to maintain the operation of the engine within the nominal conditions. When operating the engine in the 75% load range, we have an efficiency close to the yield at full load, allowing it to work with the effects of aggressive agents without jeopardizing the reliability of the system. Focusing on bearing bearings, stator coil insulation and supply voltage, which represents more than 80% of the causes of a motor failure, must be considered.

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